Stuttgart, Mercedes Muzeum

Definetely visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum if you are going to visit Stuttgart, where firstly will find civil dry land vehicles but some of aircraft engines too from the early times of first and second World War.

The museum is near by next to one of the Mercedes factory at a square and the six floor high concrete and glass building is nearly fits in the enviroment.

The formation and setting of the building inside is original, not ordinary because the elevator in the exhibition hall will take you to the upper floor of the building, where the walk starts. The visitor from the space where it shows the beggining time could walk on the configured sidewalk next to the inside wall in spiral and could stroll down on it than from this you going to step in a middle spaces and could wondering the nicer and nicer conditioned Mercedes products, modells, automobiles and trucks, racing cars and autobuses. The indoor spaces are practical but not busy, english and german subtitles, continous movies screening gives you orientation and historical review to the visitors in the story of Mercedes cars. Resting places, play-rooms, special photo makeing possibilities makes the museum for visitor-friendly.

For me the sport plane hanged from the ceiling and some of DB aeroplane engines gave the real experience. There are still propellers on a token showed outstanding condition engine segments. You can take photos, the lights are good, but occasionally need to use flashlights. Ramblings between the hundreds of auto mobiles you will reach the ground floor where you find a museum shop which offers reach, unfortunately only motorist staffs with food and drinks. But if you would like a new Mercedes, you can buy it in the salon wich opens from entrance hall.

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